The world of Ruina is a smaller planet with three major continents and one subcontinent that all wrap around a single, gigantic inner sea. Currently the world is reeling from the sudden expansion of the Najima States. This unexpected explosion in Heilo has caused them to come into immediate conflict with the Dracorā which has all but halted the southern expansion across Lustra and leaving the massive nation at war with its neighbours to the north and south.

The largest continent of Lustra has mostly been taken over by the Dracorā empire who have been at war with the southern Anguis tribes. Most of its landscape is dominated by the central mountain range housing the tallest point in Ruina on Mt. Algus, the location those who live in Dracorā believe that the gods live.

The second largest continent of Heilo has been home to the Pequen territories but in the last year has been almost completely taken over by the Najima States. It is almost totally covered in thick forests of "Bronze Bark", a bronze coloured wood that has the strength of iron when treated. The nonforested locations are almost exclusively beach large stretches of beachfront, the only location Bronze Bark can't grow.

The smallest continent of Shima is mostly made out of islands and is exclusively ruled by the Gaidesu shogunate. They went to war with the Najima states and forced them from the islands but left the once vibrant land blackened by fire and gunpowder.

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